Размер шрифта
Fees: according to the rate schedule
Currency: US dollars, Russian rubles

More than 200 countries worldwide, over 235,000 locations

Western Union guarantees fast and high quality services. International system of money transfers Western Union has been working in the market of money transfers since 1851, i.e. over than 150 years.

In the international money transfer system "WESTERN UNION" each money transfer is provided with a ten-digit money transfer control number (MTCN), which allows to search for the transfer in the system or to check the transfer status.

The money can be received in just a few minutes after it is sent.

WESTERN UNION sends and pays out money transfers in more than 200 countries and has more than 235,000 service points. The tariffs for WESTERN UNION money transfers vary: in US dollars - from 3.6% to 6.0%, in Russian roubles - from 2.9% to 6% depending on the amount transferred, the larger the amount, the lower the interest rate.

The money transfer system is organized by the American company WesternUnion (NYSE: WU), which sends money through its unique worldwide computer network using the latest electronic technologies. Western Union service points can be located in banks, post offices, stores, exchange offices, etc. Western Union entered the Russian market in 1991 by opening a subsidiary company, Non-Banking Credit Organization Western Union MT East, with its head office located in Moscow. By the end of 2009 the total number of Western Union service points on the territory of Russia exceeded 14000. Western Union has more than 35,000 points in the CIS, where it receives and pays out money transfers.