Размер шрифта
Fees: 1.5% - 2% of transfer amount
Currency: Russian rubles, US dollars and Euros

40 thousand service points in 86 countries

The organizer and the clearing center - JSCB RUSSLAVBANK (CJSC). Money transfers between individuals without opening an account: Worldwide - Russia, CIS, Baltic and non-CIS countries. In Russian rubles, U.S. dollars and Euros.

Commission on a money transfer 2% of the amount sent in Russia, Mongolia, Vietnam, 3% - in the CIS and far abroad countries.

There are 40,000 service points in 86 countries of the world, in Russia - 4,500 points in 860 cities, in Kyrgyzstan - 524 points in 65 locations.

Speed of delivery: from 15 minutes. Delivery time depends on the time zone difference between the point of sending and receiving, as well as on the operating mode of the receiving bank.