Размер шрифта

Advantages of a deposit:

  • The most profitable forms of investing your savings;
  • attractive interest rates;
  • payments of remuneration by opening dates;
  • convenient investment terms;
  • The deposit might be replenished.

Terms and conditions of deposit:

  • Initial deposit amount: min. 5000 KGS or 100 USD
  • Currency of the deposit: KGS, USD
  • Additional contributions: up to 350 000 KGS or 4000 USD. The possibility of making additional contributions is terminated 6 months before the end of the deposit period
  • Interest payment: monthly
  • Interest payment on early termination: on demand rate

Interest rates of term savings deposit "Gold" 

In national currency

12 months

18 months

24 months





Monthly interest payment





In US Dollars*:

24 months



Monthly interest payment 



Interest rates - annual.

** In accordance with the Regulations of the NBKR "On effective interest rate in case of distribution of information on amount of remuneration on banking services".

Deposit calculator

You can use the deposit calculator to find out how much accrued on the deposit.

All calculation are informative. Exact calculation you can receive in the offices of our Bank Tolubay.

The effective interest rate is calculated individually for each deposit.

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