Commission: from 2 to 200 US dollars/Euro depending on transfer amount.
    Currency: US dollars, Russian roubles, Euro

    points of money transfer system BLIZKO is located in all CIS countries.


 BLIZKO money transfers is a system of instant money transfers of physical entitites without opening of account created on the basis of Interregional commercial bank of communication development and information (OJSC JSCB “Svyaz Bank”). Transfers may be made in russian roubles, US dollars and Euro. Every BLIZKO money transfer is safely protected by 8-digit unique Control number. After 1 minute when transfer made via BLIZKO, money transfer shall be available for receipt in any service point in the country of destination irrespective of the city to where transfer made.

Currency rates on 20.11.2018

Buying Selling
USD 69.7000 69.9000
EUR 79.6000 80.7000
RUB 1.0500 1.0850
KZT 0.1800 0.1950
USD 69.8300
EUR 79.7354
RUB 1.0579
KZT 0.1901
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