Commission: from 2% of transfer amount
    Currency: russian roubles, US dollars, Euro

    25 countries, more than 7000 points


« LEADER international money transfers» is a young and rapidly developing Russian money transfer system operating from 2003. Maintenance service and reliable support of LEADER System and function of settlement clearing centre are implemented by Non-bank credit organization Closed Joint-Stock Company “LEADER” (shortly NBCO CJSC “LEADER”). Within the “LEADER” money transfer system, every money trasfer is supplied with twelve digits control number comprising of 12 numbers. It has 700 points across Kyrgyzstan.

Currency rates on 19.09.2018

Buying Selling
USD 68.5000 69.3000
EUR 80.3000 81.2000
RUB 1.0200 1.0500
KZT 0.1850 0.2000
USD 69.7367
EUR 80.8213
RUB 1.0024
KZT 0.1846
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