Money transfers without opening an account

At the CJSC CB “Tolubay” you can send to and receive money remittances from any corner of the world via international systems of money remittances:

  •       «WESTERN UNION»
  •       «UNIStream»
  •       «BLIZKO»
  •       «LIDER»

You do not need to open an account at a bank, because you can send or receive money remittances at any point throughout the world, where such systems of money remittances are available. You can also use services of ELCART national card and SWIFT (Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunications).

Currency rates on 21.02.2019

Buying Selling
USD 69.6000 69.8500
EUR 78.8000 79.6000
RUB 1.0500 1.0800
KZT 0.1800 0.1900
USD 69.7155
EUR 79.0887
RUB 1.0586
KZT 0.1855
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