A main advantage of a mortgage loan is as follows:  instead of multi-year accumulation of a required amount for purchasing dwelling premises, it is possible already now to live in a new apartment (or a house).  And dwelling premises, acquired based on a mortgage loan, is at once in the ownership of a mortgage loan borrower.   It is possible for a borrower and members of his family to be registered in new dwelling premises. Besides, there is a series of “pluses” in mortgage loans: property-related tax deduction is provided to a borrower, which actually reduces an interest rate of mortgage loan due to a fact that a borrower will not pay an income tax on the amount, spent for purchase of dwelling premises and mortgage interests; a long period of crediting makes mortgage payments not too large amounts, and, consequently, not very cumbersome.  

Basic requirements – documentary confirmation of incomes (wages, deposits, incomes obtained from rent, other sources), availability of the Kyrgyz citizenship, a work period at one work place not less than within one year, ability to provide loan guarantors, etc.

Insurance of collateral – approximately around 0.2 % of the property value (depends on an insurance company, selected by a client).

Documents submitted to the Bank for receiving of mortgage loan:

  • Passports of a Borrower, his Guarantors, a Mortgager;
  • Documents confirming the value of incomes and the amount of made withholdings of a Borrower, members of his family, his Guarantors within recent 12 months, documents on business,  etc.;
  • Documents for real estate to be purchased;
  • Other documents, if necessary.

Loan repayment is carried out by annuity payments or by equal portions on a monthly basis with monthly payment of loan interests.

Mortgage loan terms of Tolubay Bank: Periods:  5-7 years

  Mortgage loan terms of Tolubay Bank: Periods: 5-7 years
  Borrower’s down payment 40%

Bank’s interest rate for a provided loan KGS:

Bank’s interest rate for a provided loan USD:

Effective interest rate on KGS:

Effective interest rate on USD:






Credit calculator

Amount of credit
Interest rate
Total interest
The amount of payments

The result of calculations is informative. The exact parameters will be calculated by experts when you apply to the bank.

Currency rates on 26.01.2021

Buying Selling
USD 84.5000 84.9000
EUR 102.5000 104.0000
RUB 1.1100 1.1600
KZT 0.1700 0.2100
USD 84.7671
EUR 103.2421
RUB 1.1399
KZT 0.2020
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